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gum disease signs
by Donald Kim on May 23, 2014

Have you been looking at your teeth lately and don’t know why they look so yellow around the edges? Have you had quite a few late nights lately and haven’t had the chance to brush your teeth before you go to bed? Does your mouth hurt when you drink really cold or really hot liquids? Can you barely make it through a spoonful of hot soup before you feel excruciating pain around your gums and mouth? Well, these are just a small portion of the possible signs our dentist in Monroe will know you have gum disease, let alone these:

1. The tenderness of your gums will be almost too much to even touch at times

2. The bleeding of your gums throughout brushing is something that can be very painful to not only feel, but watch as well

3. The small to deep formations of pockets that occur between the teeth and gums

4. The receding of gums, which looks like they have been retracting in some sort of way

5. The loosening up and/or shifting of teeth, which can feel like they are actually moving apart

6. The worsening of the overall appeal to your teeth when you or other people you know look at them

7. Bad breathe will be more than evident, especially when you decide to go out and you see someone back away from you while they are talking to you up close

Gum disease can happen in an instant and sometimes without cause. When plaque is formed around the teeth, it births acidic elements that will harden into calculus. That’s why we recommend you bring yourself on in and let us examine your possible signs of gum disease and give you the proper treatment in return!

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Symptoms are typically a result of the signs of problematic issues, which usually involve a spider-web of other related symptoms throughout someone’s body. This spider web of other symptoms can and usually are far worse than the original signs and basic symptoms of the original disease to begin with. Gum disease is not to be trifled with and/or left to be unattended to.

So, if you’ve seen the signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums or bad breathe, and you think you are possibly feeling the effects, you’ll want to come on into our dental services in Monroe. These are some of the horrifically nasty pains and disgustingly painful symptoms of gum disease:

1. The painful feelings you will get when you try and chomp down on some hard food

2. The unstoppable bleeding that occurs when you try and brush your teeth, not to mention the headaches your feel after doing so

3. The relentless bleeding that comes from just biting into something hard and the painfully annoying irritation that comes from that

4. The redness in your cheeks that comes from the bleeding of your gums is a clear-cut sign and symptom of this disease

5. The swelling of your gums, cheeks and lips will be not only be irritating and painful, but it will cause emotional stresses in your everyday life

6. The disgusting flavors and tastes within your mouth will have metallic elements to it

7. The receding of the gum lines will be noticeable to not only you, but your spouse or loved one as well, furthering the mentally emotional pains you’ll experience

These are some of the symptoms you’ll experience if you let this highly destructive disease take over!

affordable dentist in monroe GUM DISEASE TREATMENTS

Since gum disease is one of the seven most destructive periodontal diseases, our dentist in Monroe is more than certain that you will find our recognition of signs and symptoms of gum disease to be more than useful for your immediate treatment(s). Since our dentist has seen decades of these signs and symptoms, you’ll know that his treatments will be more than intelligent, insightful and progressively technological in their approach.

Since Donald Kim D.D.S. has some of the most state-of-the-art equipment in our office, your oral health will be more than taken care of. As a staff, we have been thoroughly trained, schooled and certified to understand and assist in the use of all of the equipment and tools necessary to treat this problem.

Some of the treatments of gum disease that we can and will provide, if necessary, are:

The elimination of etiologic agents by a process known as scaling

The excretion of dental plaque by a process that’s referred in our industry as “conventional periodontal therapy”

The discarding of calculus from non-surgical periodontal therapy, which is basically an invasively deep cleaning, but without the need to go into surgery

Root planing, which involves the treatment of debriding the small to large depths of the periodontal pocket within your mouth, disrupting the biofilm that exists

The application and precise use of an electronically powered sonic or ultrasonic scaler will help the subgingival debridement in several ways

We understand that you are going through a lot of pain and we only want to treat your symptoms in the best and most painless of applications!