by Donald Kim on July 13, 2014

Our dental services in Monroe are centered and focused around the notion of preventative methods over result-oriented methods. We make sure we do everything within our power to prevent problems from happening in the first place. For most people with bad breath, it is caused by periodontal disease, which in layman’s terms is referred to as gum disease. Bleeding gums have several signs: calculus buildup, loose teeth, pain, red gums, swollen gums, bad breath, and sensitive teeth. This doesn’t negate the fact that the bleeding of gums when someone brushes and flosses isn’t a direct result of gum disease either.

When plaque forms on teeth, the teeth can become acidic. This causes the hardening of tartar to happen, which can irritate the gums even more so. The gums will then look and appear red and swollen, which will cause a lot of tenderness. This furthers the possibility of the bleeding that comes from gums. In time, the gums will actually pull away from the pockets and teeth. At this point in time, it will be impossible to remedy this problem with just normal care. If this is allowed to continue, the teeth will be in serious danger of being completely destroyed.

The last thing we want for you or anyone to experience is gum disease, which is why our Dentist, Dr. Donald Kim D.D.S., is your premier choice. He’ll show you how you can prevent gum disease and also examine your mouth in order to make sure he sees all the possible signs. With regular maintenance, he’s more than confident he will prevent this problem from ever occurring in your mouth!