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by Donald Kim on June 19, 2014

Even though most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist, most people feel really good about coming out of the doors of our office, especially after receiving one of our teeth cleanings in Monroe, WA. Our processes of dental cleanings are some of the most thorough processes known in the industry. Our Dentist, Dr. Donald Kim, will perform a meticulous inspection and then perform a meticulous cleaning thereafter. Anything that he sees that can be considered to be sticky, soft, or bacteria infested, will be immediately removed with his advanced tools and instruments. He is the king at removing plaque and scraping off any other associative residues.

Our professional dental cleanings exhibit a plethora of beneficial perks:

The scraping away of any and all tartar (calculus) deposits

The scraping away of any and all sticky residue

The scraping away of any and all soft residue

The scraping away of any and all bacteria infested film

The scraping away of any limescale

The scraping away of any pipe

The scraping away of any kettle

Our teeth cleanings also entail the scaling and polishing of teeth in order to fully remove all of the exterior substances around them. The cleaning is just the beginning, as polishing the teeth is just as important. It provides the necessary refining processes a great cleaning needs to have in order to be successful. We believe in cleanings and know that they provide a wonderful amount of protection for weeks and months to come. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you may have!